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Specific Health Care Needs Policy

During the enrollment process families are asked if they have health insurance. Any family that does not have health insurance will be assisted by the director to secure health insurance through Husky or by Norwalk Community Health Center. If a child has specific health care needs, the parent is asked during enrollment how we can accommodate them. The accommodations are posted in each classroom as to avoid any problems if a child should change classes.

Growing Seeds Child Development Center PoliciesThrough a collaborative agreement with the Department of Health and an agreement with Smiles Dental, each child is provided with annual vision, hearing, and dental screening. These screening are provided on-site or off, and referrals are made if follow-up treatment is necessary.

In the case of a sick child, that child is brought to the office where he/she is monitored until a parent arrives.

In addition, the program accommodates children with specific health care needs, detailed sick child exclusion, emergency care, parent consent and universal precautions.

A Health Care Consultant is at the facility’s disposal for health concerns.

Health & Illness Policy

Our intention is to protect your children from unnecessary illness. Our policies are the result of the collective experience of many early childhood programs. Our center staff is vigilant regarding the health of your children and has your child’s best interest at heart. We appreciate your understanding and support in these efforts.

If your child sees a physician you must have a doctor’s note or you will not be admitted to Growing Seeds.

Children may not attend school if they have:

  1. Chicken Pox- Last approximately 7 days. All lesions must be crusted and dry.
  2. Impetigo- Skin infection caused by bacteria. Until sores heal or to 24 hours after medication begins.
  3. Coxsackie virus- Located on hands, feet and mouth. Last approximately 3 to 5 days children must be fever free and all blisters must be dry and faded in color before returning to school.
  4. Diarrhea- This does not apply to food or medication allergies. Diarrhea for more than 5 days must be evaluated by a physician to determine the cause.
  5. Vomiting- within 24-hours (does not include spitting up).
  6. Strep Throat- A throat cultures should be done on children with persistent sore throats. Children with diagnosed strep throat must remain at home for minimum of 24 hours after medication is started.

Growing Seeds Child Development Center PoliciesParents must notify the center staff immediately if a child has been diagnosed as having any communicable disease. Children who exhibit signs or symptoms of communicable illnesses must be restricted from the classroom until the symptoms have resolved or have been treated with antibiotics for at least 24 hours prior to returning to the classroom. Children must be free from diarrhea, vomiting and or a fever at least 24 hours before they return to the classroom. Your child may be sent home if the staff notes an elevated fever. Please inform staff if the following has occurred:

  1. If your child has been ill during the weekend, the staff may be less concerned if they observe that your child has diminished stamina knowing that it is likely to be related to your child’s recovery.
  2. If medication has been administered in the morning before coming to school. This information is important because of potential side effects or adverse reactions during school hours.

If your child becomes ill while at Growing Seeds CDC, we will call you and ask you to pick your child up immediately. Your child will be in an isolated area in the director’s office. The director will attend to the child while waiting for the parent. If the parents are unable to be reached, we will call the child's emergency contacts.

Children are not allowed into the classroom with any of the following symptoms or infections:

  1. May not return until 24 hours after fever breaks.
  2. Temperatures of 100.0 degrees or above and/or symptoms such as lethargy or irritability, excessive tiredness, headache, vomiting, etc.
  3. Discolored drainage from the eye (in case of diagnosed conjunctivitis, children may return after being on medication for 24 hours).
  4. Suspicious rash or lesions (does not include food rashes, prickly heat, poison ivy). Children with suspicious rash or lesions must return to school with a note from a physician clearing the child of communicable illness.

Finally, outdoor play is an important aspect to include in every child’s daily range of activities. Children need fresh air and sunlight in all seasons. Children will play outdoors daily unless there is rain or extreme cold weather. Parents need to send appropriate outdoor clothing for their children. If a child is too sick to go outside, he/she is too sick to come to school.

Annual Physicals

Each child five years of age and under must have an annual physical performed by a licensed physician, assistant or nurse practitioner, on record in our center.

In reviewing this form, the Health Nurse checks for proper immunizations and other tests that are performed, over-all physical form and date the ACTUAL PHYSICAL WAS PERFORMED, NOT THE DATE THE FORM WAS SIGNED BY THE PHYSICIAN.

We therefore ask for your cooperation by assisting us in meeting the important state requirement. You will be notified by a letter as to when your child’s physical needs to be updated. We would appreciate having it updated for our records as close to the one year deadline as possible.