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Admissions and Enrollment

Growing Seeds CDC serves children ages 3 to 5 years old. Growing Seeds CDC retains the right to make age exceptions to this policy per contract, if slots are available within capacity limits set by the State of Connecticut. Growing Seeds has an open admissions policy to serve all children including children with special needs and disabilities and children from diverse backgrounds. We will do our best to accommodate children with special needs by taking necessary classes or workshops. Growing Seeds retains the right to deny admission if all slots for a particular child’s age group are filled.

Enrollment Procedures

In order to enroll your child at Growing Seeds CDC, there is paper work that will need to be completed prior to the beginning of care. We will not assume care of your child if necessary paperwork, fees and supplies are not received. All information will be kept confidential and is for our records only.


  • Child Registration Form
  • Permission Agreement
  • Emergency Information (medical information)
  • Transportation & Field Trips Permission Agreement
  • About Your Child
  • Child Contract
  • Medical Form (updated annually)

Sliding Scale fee

It is the policy of Growing Seeds to offer a School Readiness Slot on a first-come first-serve basis. Everyone’s income is based on the most recent School Readiness Alert for Income Guidelines.

Family income and family size must be determined at the time of initial enrollment and six months thereafter. The family fee is calculated from this determination and reviewed with the parents.

In addition, to maintain your School Readiness status, every family is required to apply for Care4Kids and comply with their request as well as comply with the requirements of School Readiness. Growing Seeds will assist you with the process.

Tuition Express

Once enrolled in Tuition Express, your tuition and fee payments will be paid automatically and on a schedule that we both agree upon. Growing Seeds CDC can produce a receipt for the payment, or you can receive instant email notification by signing up at

If you choose not to enroll in Tuition Express, we will begin charging a $5 “handling fee” each billing cycle, as we will be forced to continue processing your payments by hand.


  • Deposit equivalent to 1 week’s fees to be applied to last week of childcare for child (non-refundable)
  • First week’s fee
  • Registration fee (non- refundable)

Tuition Fees

Daytime Care

3 to 5 years: $200 per week (full time) M-F
  $40.00 per day (9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.)
  $45.00 per day (9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.)

Overtime Rates & Late Fees

Late Pick-up Fee: $2 per minute after 5:30 p.m.
Late Payment Fee: $20 + 3% (if 30 days past due)
Returned Check Fee: $25 and any other fees incurred
Handling Fee: $5 per week

Families who are chronically late may be terminated from the program.


Late Pick-up Fee: Late fees will be assessed beginning at 5:31 p.m. and will be due upon arrival.

Late Payment Fee: Accounts not paid in full by drop-off Monday morning will be assessed a $20 late fee. Care will also be suspended until the overdrawn account is paid in full. For all accounts 30 days past due a 3% penalty each month (until payment is made on past due balance) will be applied.

Returned Check Fee: In the event of a returned check, Parents will be responsible for a $25 returned check fee as well as any fees incurred due to the returned check. All future payments must be paid in cash or money order.

Handling Fee: Parent not enrolled in the Tuition Express will be charge a $5 handling fee for each billing cycle.

Payment Schedule

We have a “No pay, no play” policy. Payments will be made in advance for childcare and are due no later than drop off time Monday morning each week. If you do not have your payment in hand at drop off do not bring your child to Growing Seeds for care. We will kindly ask you to return with payment. If your child will be absent for the week, payment must be made on the Friday prior to the scheduled absence.

Growing Seeds has instituted a preferred automated tuition and fee payments policy. We will also accept payment in the form of cash, money order, or Credit Card. Please place payments made by money order in the mailbox on the director door. Cash payments should be put in an envelope and placed in the mail box, if the director is not available.

Make money order payable to: Growing Seeds CDC


Receipts will be given for cash payments or upon request. We will also keep track of your payments throughout the year for tax purposes. We will hand a sheet out by the end of January with the total amount paid for childcare services from the previous year. You can receive instant email notification by signing up at


Payment obligation is based on the time slot you agree to use for childcare, not on actual hours of attendance. Both full-time and part-time fees will be charged based on contracted days including missed days due to illness, holidays, parent vacations, or snow days. No refunds or deductions will be made for days your child is absent. In a sense, you are paying for your child’s childcare space.

Two consecutive No-shows/No-calls are grounds for immediate termination at our discretion. You will be billed for two weeks tuition. Please be courteous and call if your child will not be attending that day.